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Cherish the spirit of your animal friend with our exclusive hand-painted pet portrait.

You can order a true ORIGINAL, HAND PAINTED piece of ART to immortalize your beloved pet

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Custom Hand-Painted Acrylic Portrait

I offer a Custom ORIGINAL, HAND PAINTED Pet portrait in acrylics.  Get a one of a kind painting that uniquely reflects your pet.  Hand painted  on a prepared panel with gallery wrap around so no frame is needed but can be added.  It is then  UV sealed to provide protection for many years to come.

This is NOT a print of a digitally edited image like others you see online.  It is an ORIGINAL hand painted  piece of art.

Carol did such an extraordinary job capturing our faithful loyal companion, Buck. 
 Her painting of him was so life-like, and looking into his eyes brought back SOOOO many emotions! 
Carol puts her heart and soul into her paintings.  She truly loves what she does and she gives her all to make sure everything is perfect! She does not waste her God given talent, she glorifies Him in every canvas, paint brush, easel, color and stroke!               -Sharon, Knoxville


Meet the Artist

I have been an artist since I was three years old drawing on everything that intrigued my eyes.  Later I attended art school and that experience  allows me provide you with the highest quality portrait.    I have painted   pet portraits, people portraits  and other commissions for over 35 years.   I have always loved animals and I absolutely love painting pets! Each one touches my heart in a special way as I work to capture their personalities for you.



I work from photos.   This is convenient for you since you can send or email me several pictures of your pet and we can pick the best one to create the best possible final product.

I work with acrylics on 12×12 or 16×16 panel and I paint around the edges so it can be can be hung as is, placed in a  frame  or propped on a shelf as is.

You can give a gift certificate for the portrait and they can send me their favorite pictures.    I will email you a gift certificate you can use as the gift and they can email me the photos. More details in FAQ section below.



For this special price I do head only portraits.  The full body takes much more time and cannot be done very well on a small canvas.  You can contact me for larger sizes.

I am dedicated to a quality painting that will bring you years of joy.   Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can choose to pay a deposit only for me to start your painting and then pay the other half when it is complete and you are pleased.   Shipping is available for $15 in continental US.  I do not ship internationally at this time.

I require a 1 to 4 week lead time depending on how many orders are  ahead of yours.   If it is a  gift,  I do my best to have all those done in time.  Please call me to discuss details and scheduling.  I can be reached at 865-262-8422 or email me at PetPortraits

 Once Painting is started, the deposit fee  is non-refundable. but I  will work on it until you are happy with it.   I’ve never had an unhappy customer.

How To Select a Good Photo

The best paintings come from the best pictures.  Digital images must be  high enough pixels for me to zoom in and see details around the eyes.   If you have a hard copy picture,  you can send that to me and I can work from that.  We can visit by phone or emails before you send the image to pick the best. 

A picture taken outdoors in the shade with good light is best.  Flash picture usually give red eye and make it hard to see the eyes.  If the pet is  a small part of a bigger picture,  it will not contain enough detail to paint well.    I’m happy to go over your pictures and suggest which would make the best portrait.

Picture taken outside in the shade are best as daylight gives lots of detail and shadows add interest to the picture.   Take your pictures  at the same level as the pet rather than standing over them for a better angle.   If you take the picture outside,  you can kneel down to the dogs level to get a level picture.

I its an indoor picture,  use a flash as it enhances the detail.   If you get red eye I can fix that with an extra picture that lets me see eye color.    If your pet is deceased,  we’ll try and work with what you have to make a good portrait.

See the difference in these images.



 Q.  Do you use canvas?

A.  I work with acrylics on prepared panel 12×12″ and 3/4″ thick.    I  paint around the sides so it can be hung as is,  placed in a frame or leaned on a shelf.

Q.  Can you combine two pets into one picture?

A If the lighting is very similar and from the same direction,  that can be done.  it does cost an additional fee to add an additional animal.

Q.  If I want to mail a check,  where do I mail it?

A.  Write and mail to Carol King  PO BOX 1295  Kodak,  TN 37764    Always Email me first to expect your check.

Q.  Can you paint the whole body and the background in the picture?

A.  For this special price,  it includes only the head so that we have enough detail to see the eyes and expression well.  The eyes are the window to the soul and doing the right captures the nature of your precious pet.  You can contact me about a larger, custom  portrait.

Q.   How do Gift Certificates work?

A.  I will email you a numbered gift certificate which you can give to your friend or loved one.  They will contact me from the information on the certificate and we proceed from there.

Q.  Can you do a rush order?

A.  I can if I don’t have other rush orders in front of yours.  That would cut the time from painting to one week because I can paint it in a couple of days but it takes a few days to dry before it’s safe to mail.  A $30 rush order fee will apply and is payable up front.

Q.  Do I have the rights to reproduce or print the art you make for me?

A.  No.  According to copyright laws,  while you have the original,  all reproduction rights remain with me as the artist.  That means that I may use an image of my art for promotional purposes.    It would not contain any identifying  information, of course.   You may not reproduce it in any way,  but you can use it privately such as posting the image on your Facebook page, twitter, etc.




The painting of Lola is so lifelike. It makes me feel like she is still with us. Those cute ears and kind eyes depict her so well. Thank you for bringing out her personality in the painting. 
Debbie- Knoxville



Carol did a fantastic job capturing the essence of my extended family’s dogs that I had her make portraits of. I gave the portraits to family members for Christmas and they were blown away. They came out looking fantastic and just what I wanted in the reference photos I sent.

Joshua – Knoxville




For anyone wanting a portrait of their animal Carol King should be you only choice.
I love the portrait Carol did of my dog Hollie. The portrait of Hollie is so beautiful. When I look at Hollie’s portrait it seems Hollie is looking right back at me as if she is going to talk to me. The details in her face are so natural and the coloring is perfect. I wouldn’t take any amount of money for it, it’s priceless to me.

Diane – Knoxville


Pippa and Andrew

Carol, when visiting your studio we were so impressed with your pet portraits that we commissioned you for two portraits. We are thrilled with the results! You are wonderful to work with, very caring in your need to get it right, and you completed your work much quicker than we ever expected. Thank you so much. We highly recommend you for pet portraits.

L and C – Biltmore NC

Order Your Custom Portrait Now

If you are ready,   you can order and upload the images you like.  We  can visit over the phone or email and  I am happy to answer your questions and discuss the best poses, backgrounds, etc.

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