About Carol


Family, sweet memories of childhood and special places are the essence of  Tennessee Artist Carol Robin King.   Carol remembers loving drawing as early as the age of three.  Her Mother  would say she had “ants in her pants’… the old euphemism for ADHD.  She told stories of how long she could sit still and draw even at that young age.  “I think I was born to be an artist.  As far as I can remember, I would sketch or draw anytime given the chance.”

Growing up as a daughter of foreign missionaries fashioned Carol with deep values,  faith, and an appreciation for people and beauty.  While in Argentina, Carol asked her parents for art lessons.  With six children, Carol’s parents simply could not justify such an extravagant expense.  Determined to paint,  however, Carol saved her allowance to purchase several oil paints and a piece of canvas.  She proceeded to paint a clipper ship in most intricate detail and presented it to her parents.  Upon seeing the painting, they promptly signed her up for art school and provided for three years of schooling. “That is a sacrifice I will always remember and appreciate!”

Carol loves to work in Watercolors and Plaster Relief most of all but dabbles in Pastels as well as Acrylics.  She is current President of the Tennessee Artist Association, on the Board of the Tennessee Watercolor Society,  and   a member of the Knoxville Watercolor Society  and the Arts and Culture Alliance of Knoxville. 

Carol teaches in person Acrylic lessons and online Watercolor tutorials on YouTube.  She enjoys taking workshops to sharpen her skills when time allows.

“I’m driven to paint, it’s something God put deep inside me that has to come out.  Even when I’m not drawing, I’m thinking about it and sketching in my mind.” Carol draws people portraits, animal portraits, still life art and landscape art.  Her goal is  capturing moments in time that remind the soul of quiet times, pleasant memories and peaceful places.


Carol is available for special Commissions and Portraits.   Please see our Contact Page for information on how to reach Carol.

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