Still Life and Floral

“Sunflower Greeting” I could not resist painting this majestic flower after driving past a sunflower crop. Original and prints available.

“Midnight Ladies” My nephew grows beautiful irises. They captured an evening picture of this beautiful threesome. Prints available

“Daddy’s Hat” My son Daniel trying his dad’s hat.

“Boys Toys” was painted when my son was young. This makes a great decoration for a child or youth bedroom. Original and giclee prints available.

“Fall Flavors” was inspired during the first turn of the leaves. I gathered a bunch of them and painted this. Original in private colletion. Giclee prints available.

“Purple Delight” is another reflection of my love for Iris flowers. This unusual top view is not often painted, but shows the unique shapes of an Iris. Original available. Giclee prints available.