Rainy Day Friend

“Rainy Day Friend”  depicts the best of mans best friend.  This big dog sat by the window with my friend’s grandson keeping him company until they could go back outside.  It was so precious it had to be put to the brush.

Flower Girl

My great Niece was flower girl at a wedding and the image had to be captured.   When I saw the picture, I knew she belonged in a field of flowers.


The Pout

“The Pout”  was inspired by an old black and white photo and represents every little girls’ ability to so clearly communicate with both expression and body language.  My dad was very gifted with photography and this was one image that showed his ability to capture emotion and meaning.


Summer Afternoons

“Summer Afternoons”  was inspired by an old black and white taken by my Father as well.  I love the memories it brings of a child at play on a beautiful sunny day.

I Wonder

 You don’t have to tell a child there is a God.  There is something inside them that is naturally drawn to Him and accepts His existence without question.  “I wonder”  was painted to represent that natural wonder, curiosity and innocent faith of a child looking to God.

Daddy's Hat

My son Daniel always had to have a hat on.  He found his Daddy’s hat one day and was so proud to wear it!



This is a portrait of my youngest Joseph at age 2. 


Shy Boy

My son Daniel loved Daddy’s hat and was a little shy when I decided to snap a photo. 



On Daniel’s 18th birthday, I happened to catch him with the very same expression and had to paint it. 




I did this portrait to honor my Mother for her funeral.  It allowed my intense emotions to flow onto the paper and was a real comfort to me.  I was able to capture the grace that she always portrayed.  I miss her.



The Stricklands-Argentina

This was a commission for my missionary oarebts that wanted symbols of their nation represented in the background of the painting.


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