•  Quiet times, pleasant memories and peaceful places are the essence of

    Carol Robin King’s art.  Through her art, she seeks  to bring you a moments peace in a hectic day or a pleasant memory to lift your spirits.

    It’s art that warms the heart

    Please enjoy your visit.

Newest  Work

SOLD!  “A WALK IN THE WOODS”  is a Hanging plaster relief.  I created this after looking at various images of woods and envisioning adding a path that would invite the viewer to “enter” the painting.  I painted it with a mixture of glazing techniques and a little splash of color to hint at fall colors.  It measures 32″ x 48″  and some of the tree limbs protrude 4″ from the canvas.  This piece hung at the Pivot Point Gallery in Knoxville, TN and is now overlooking the dining table of a wonderful family.

Plaster relief is made on a lightweight concrete board surface and reinforced plaster  is applied in layers that are then hand carved before it can completely dry.  Reliefs are sealed with a UV protective coating.

Commissions for plaster Reliefs being accepted

SOLD!!   “INTO THE WOODS ” is a Hanging Plaster Relief work in triptych (3 12×32 panels = 32×36).  I envisioned this walk in the woods and was going to paint this in a watercolor and decided it would make an interesting relief.   It won 3 seperate awards at our Knoxville Juried Show in August of 2022.

It is made on a lightweight concrete board surface and reinforced plaster  is applied in layers and is hand carved before it can completely dry.  This one was painted  although many of my plaster reliefs are just glazed.   $2700

by Tennessee Artist Carol Robin King

Commissions for plaster Reliefs being accepted

"Morning Rays" 20 x24" framed

Forest Lights reminds me of a early morning walk.  As the sun begins to clear the mist, the light beams splash onto the path pushing out the fog.

Forest Lights   is a Watercolor   framed to 20×24 behind UV glass.

by Tennessee Artist Carol Robin King

 Available at the Pivot Point Gallery Knoxville, TN – $599

Silhouette - UNGLASSED Watercolor

I love painting horses but wanted to paint something a bit more interesting and came up with this.  I’ll be doing a series of these.

Silhouette is an UNGLASSED  Watercolor  11×14.  It is a NEW TECHNIQUE that seals the original with UV laden water based varnish that protects it both from dirt, fingerprints and UV light.  It is lighter and less fragile than watercolors framed behind glass and gives the look of oils but   the beauty  and transparency of watercolors.

by Tennessee Artist Carol Robin King.   Available $229


Exciting news! New Studio open in downtown Knoxville!

I’m proud to announce the opening of a joint studio with several fellow artists in the Emporium Center at 100 S Gay Street, Knoxville, TN 37902

Studio 106, down the stairs and to the left

Open Monday to Friday 10-5. Come by and visit!

Custom Commissions

Custom commissions are being accepted for

 Paintings or Plaster Relief wall sculptures. 


Dreaming of The Smokys

This watercolor was created from a challenge in my art association to do something loose and more abstract.   As you can see,  I am much  more realistic in my style, so this was as close as I could get!!   Original in private collection. Prints available


Misty, muted tones appear in the fog after the rain in the woods.  A  little family of deer ventures out for a drink and in the distance,  you see the lights of the little cabin.    This image has a lot of blues and grays and very muted brown here and there.     

Rainy Day Friend


This unique sealed watercolor depicts dogwoods in bloom and is a one of a kind original piece.  There will never be another just like it.  There are six separate paintings mounted on a  lightweight backing so they hang as one and never shift out of place when the kids run through the house!

Sand and Surf

Beach Wave

Colorful Forest

This Watercolor  reveals and brightens the waking colors as the early dawn light peeks under the cover of a thick forest canopy.  Take a deep breath and relax…

Sunflower Greetings