•  Quiet times, pleasant memories and peaceful places are the essence of

    Carol Robin King’s art.  Through her art, she seeks  to bring you a moments peace in a hectic day or a pleasant memory to lift your spirits.

     It’s art that warms the heart

    Please enjoy your visit.

Newest  Work

“Daddy’s Home” 

In a dream, I saw  a little boy whose dad is in the  military.  He was always dressing up in military outfits and playing soldier as he imagines what his dad may be doing that day.  When his Mom told him Daddy was coming home, he spent all morning standing at the window dressed up and holding a flag as he waited eagerly to welcome him home.

This painting depicts his hopeful and excited search out the window  in that moment just before his eyes catch the faint image of his Daddy walking up the long walkway.

I hope the image leads us to a deeper appreciation of the little tender hearts that wait eagerly at home for the safe return of their heroes.

Daddy’s Home is a  Mixed media Watercolor/Pastel  by Tennessee Artist Carol Robin King.

You can order a high quality giclee print of this wonderful piece. 

Daddy's Home

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