Daddy’s  Home

Daddy’s Home is a  Mixed media Watercolor/Pastel  by Tennessee Artist Carol Robin King.  This work came to her in a dream as she was inspired by the great sacrifice of not only our military heroes but their families.   We are so grateful.


What is a Giclee Print? 

A Giclee (pronounced zhee-clay) print is the highest quality print made.  They are signed, numbered, limited edition reproductions printed on actual watercolor paper.  They are archival, museum quality images.  A giclee print is made by scanning the original painting and forming a digital image that is proofed by the artist.  The prints are made by spraying archival inks rated at 99 years at millions of drops per second on watercolor paper.

You’ll think you’re holding the original.


You will receive an open Edition Giclee Print of this artwork in the size you chose  safely packaged  in an acid free sleeve, ready for framing to match your home’s decor.

If you do not want to have it professionally framed,  you can pick up a  standard frame that matches your decor with a built in matt from Michaels or Hobby Lobby.

About the Artist

“Quiet times, pleasant memories and peaceful places are what I strive to capture in my art.  When I choose a subject, my main goal is to bring the viewer a moments peace in a hectic day or a pleasant memory to lift their spirit.   I am inspired by people in everyday life and the beauty of nature.  I often paint children in my works to help bring the viewer back to those simple times when life was new, fresh and not so complicated.”


Tennessee artist Carol Robin King was born and raised in Argentina as a daughter of foreign missionaries.  She always loved to draw.  Carol’s  Mother told stories of how long she could sit still and draw even the tender age of three.    “I think I was born to be an artist.  As far as I can remember, it was all I ever wanted to be.” 

At 13, Carol advanced from drawing to painting with oils and acrylics.  While in Argentina,  she attended 3 years of professional Art School.  She continues learning through workshops, books and videos. 

Carol is a board member of the Tennessee Artist Association and a member of the Tennessee Watercolor Society as well as the Knoxville Watercolor Society.

Carol’s love is watercolors,  but she works in various other mediums including  acrylics,  pastel and she recently began dabbling in bas relief sculptures.   She currently resides in Kodak, Tn.

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